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Why Give

Celebrate your graduation with your first donation to your alma mater. All net proceeds from souvenir sales will go to the “HKU Class Giving Scholarship Fund” in support of scholarships and bursaries.

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Planting Seeds for a Brighter Future

From Grads to Giving: Shaping the Next Generation

Since 2003, over 42,000 graduating students have supported the Graduating Class Gift Scheme. Together, they have raised nearly $6 million.

The “HKU Class Giving Scholarship Fund” shall be deployed to support the central scholarship or student grant schemes operating at a university-wide level for undergraduate and/or postgraduate students.

Get your souvenirs now to directly support HKU students' endeavours, including activities, exchange programs, and student enrichment activities.

What is HKU Class Giving Scholarship?

Empowering the Future with Your Gift

Every year, the new graduating class continues the tradition of paying forward to celebrate the milestone of their academic journey.


Support the Next Generation

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