Collection of Class of 2021 Certificate Holder 


Collection Methods

Collection Period:

  • November 20, 21 (Sat, Sun)

  • November 27, 28 (Sat, Sun)

  • December 1 to December 7

Opening Hours:

11am – 5pm


Chi Wah Learning Commons G/F, 

Centennial Campus, HKU

1. Collect at HKU Pop-up Store

2. By mail 

Local (Hong Kong): SF Express [+ $30]

Mainland China and Macau: SF Express [+ $60]

Other Non-local areas: Surface Registered Mail by Hongkong Post [+ $60]


Important Notes (for Collection at HKU) :

  1. You or your representative must present the confirmation email with a QR code to collect the Certificate Holder. You will not be able to collect the Holder if you are unable to present the QR code. 

  2. As the Class of 2021 Certificate Holder is a thank-you gift for your donation. If you do not collect the gift within the collection period, or provide an inaccurate address for mailing, it will be assumed that you decided not to receive the gift. The uncollected gift will be made available to others. Your donation will have been processed and is non-refundable. 

  3. The collection period and schedule will be subject to change, in accordance with the Government’s social distancing measures in response to the fluctuating COVID-19 outbreak situation. The latest updates will be posted here.